Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What a day!

On Saturday, we were scheduled to have the youth activity at our house from 4-6pm. The day started with my normal schedule of getting up at 6:30 and heading off to the feira (open air market). After the feira, I go to the grocery store, then to the butcher. When I arrived at the grocery store, I discovered that it was closed because it was a holiday. Bummer! So, I continued on to the butcher's, hoping he would be open. Thankfully, he was. I now had enough food to get us through the weekend! Whew!!! When I got home, I started cleaning the house to get ready for the activity. As 4:00 approached, I was getting a little worried that I would not finish in time. At 3:00, I still had to clean the carport and take a shower. I started in on the carport. In case you don't know, all of the floors are tile. I was in a hurry and probably not being as careful as I should have been. As I bent over to pick up the hose and move it, I slipped and fell, landing on my rear. Initially I thought no problem. However, as I regained my bearing, I realized my right pinkie finger was bent to the side. Not good. Tim came to check it out as a surge of pain hit. I carefully moved the finger back to its rightful position and promptly iced it. Tim took over finishing the carport as I prepared to go to the hospital. After waiting an hour and a half, the doctor looked at my finger and said that I needed x-rays but would have to wait until Monday. (Remember, it's a holiday.) So they put a splint on the finger and sent me on my way.

Monday morning, I go to the place for x-rays, only to be told to come back at 1pm. When I return, there is a long line. Three and a half hours later, I finally get my finger x-rayed. Now, it's back to the hospital. After an hour wait, the doctor says the finger is broken, anf to come back to see the orthopedic doctor. We go to make the appointment and are told to come back Wednesday morning at 7am.

Wednesday morning, I show up promptly at the hospital. What do I see? Oh! It's another long line! I waited for three and a half hours before being seen. The doctor agreed it was broken but it did not need a cast. He put a new splint on it and said to come back in three weeks. Oh the joys!!!

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Jill said...

It's really adding insult to injury to make you go back so many times and wait so long, isn't it? Hope you heal quickly!