Thursday, November 13, 2008

Class #4 - Your Children

So, we've talked about having a right attitude, walking with God, and husbands. Tonight we talked about raising children. Some of you may think, have none! This is true. My husband says that it means we have no bias! It does make it difficult to teach on because I must rely totally on the experiences of others and personal observation. Thankfully, the Bible says a lot about raising kids, especially disciplining them! It was an interesting class. Raising children is a tremendous responsibility and opportunity. Train your kids t0 serve God in whatever capacity He desires. Prepare them for life. Be consistent. Communicate with your child(ren). Know what is going on with them. Expect the unexpected! Enjoy your children. You only have them for a short time before they go off on their own. Love your children.

As Americans, we take many things for granted. We have every tool and resource imaginable to help us raise our kids. It's not like that everywhere. Here in Brazil, homeschooling is not an option for most people. You would have to have a teaching degree and an administration degree. The private schools are either Catholic or charismatic. Who knows what kind of junk you would learn there. The public schools have a strong Catholic influence and introduce sex education right from the start in kindergarten! Crazy! If our kids get in trouble, there are programs and girls/boys homes we can send them to for help. We have books by Godly people to give us tips. Most importantly, we have the Bible!

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