Sunday, November 9, 2008

Making Bagels

One of the foods that I have been missing since coming to Brazil is bagels. Now some of you may think that's crazy...oh well! So about a month or so ago, I saw Philadelphia cream cheese at the grocery store and thought, "Wow! I would really love to have some bagels!". So, I asked Isabel if I could buy them anywhere. She said no. Needless to say, I was disappointed. Then I thought that maybe I could try making them. None of my cookbooks had a recipe. That meant I was going to have to look on the Internet. However, before I got around to doing that, I was telling Mrs. Allison about my desire to eat bagels. She looked in one of her cookbooks, found a recipe, and e-mailed it to me. Today, I finally attempted to make the bagels. I say attempted, because I messed them up. They are still edible, just not true bagels. The problem was that I don't have much experience working with yeast. I let the liquid mixture get too hot and killed the yeast. Note for the future - don't add yeast to a boiling or almost boiling mixture! The good news is I have learned my lesson. Hopefully, the next time they'll turn out perfect!

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Pilar Stark said...

SEnd me the recipe!!! Matthew has been missing bagels too... so we don't think you are crazy :). A friend told me that they had the american food week in some store a while back and told me that she has found this weird looking donuts... she didn't know what to do with them.. :) She is from Brazil btw :). Anyway, I told them what to do with them.... I mess up though because I figure they always had them in that store but I guess it was only that week... maybe they were trying out food to see what they should bring, and guess bagels didn't cut it :(. Anyway, send me the recipe! :)