Thursday, July 9, 2009

Starting a Church in Corrego Fundo

For almost two years there has been a Friday night Bible Study in Corrego Fundo. The time has come to start a church there. Last month, Tim rented a building. We are holding services on Sunday nights and Wednesday nights. There is only one lady with her two sons that come regularly, but we are hoping that having a building to meet in will encourage others to come. On June 26th, we held an inauguration service (while the group from Capitol City was here) and had a few visitors. The first Sunday night, the owner of a nearby bar came. Last night we had another visitor. Praise the Lord! Bruno is the preacher. He has a lot of great ideas. Tim and I are helping him. We are excited about this work. Please pray that God will bless, that souls will be saved, and people will come to the church. Corrego Fundo is not a large town, but there are plenty of churches preaching a false gospel there.


After (during the inauguration service)

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Nina in Portugal said...


The building looks great! I love the colors you chose!!

I'll be praying!