Monday, July 6, 2009

Capitol City Youth Group Pays Us a Visit

On Wednesday, June 24th, a group of 15 arrived for a 10-day visit. Bro. Ben Thompson, his wife, and the six girls stayed with Charlie and Isabel, while the seven guys stayed with us. We had a great time! It was such a blessing to have them here! Of course, we kept them very busy! :)P

Wednesday, they arrived with plenty of time to get ready for the church service in Formiga. Thursday, we took them to see the work in Boticao (Pastor Anderson), passed out tracts in Arcos, and attended the service in Arcos that night. Friday, they visited the police station (courtesy of Bro. Carlinhos), passed out tracts in Corrego Fundo, and attended the service there that night. Saturday, we took them into town for some shopping, had lunch at Dona Naterca's, and had the youth activity that went from 3:30 to around 9:00. (Tired yet?) Sunday, of course, there was church in the morning, lunch for the girls at Dona Simone's and for the guys at my house, and church at night. Monday morning they left for Catatuiba. They returned in time for the service on Wednesday night. Thursday was a fun day, relaxing, playing, and after supper, out for ice cream. Friday, it was time to pack them up and take them to the airport. We hated to say goodbye.

Though it was a busy time, it was also a lot of fun. New friendships were made. Hopefully, it was a trip that burdened their hearts for the lost and the need that exists around the world! There are so many cities in Brazil that have churches that teach a lie, but no one to tell them the truth.

Our door is always open, so come on down!


Nina in Portugal said...

Wow!! Visitors!!

Don't you love that!!??

But that's a big group of kids!! Did you have to feed them all?

Ingi said...

Yes, I love having visitors! I only fixed breakfast two mornings. The other meals were prepared by a couple of girls from church out at the Nichols'.