Monday, July 20, 2009

Our New Puppy, Inka

On Friday we went to pick up our new puppy. Her name is Inka. She is too cute. In typical puppy fashion, she is into everything! She thinks she owns the place already! She is a lot of fun to play with and has quite a personality! She seems pretty smart. She loves her tennis ball. She doesn't like it when we walk away from her, but she doesn't whine very long. She thinks she should be able to go wherever we go. Hopefully, she'll become a great guard dog.


Jill said...

She's beautiful, Ingrid! What breed is she?

Ingi said...

Thanks! She's a rottweiler.

Pilar said...

He, he! she is sooo cute!

The other day6 we stopped by the pet store and the girls (and Matthew and I) fell in love with a puppy there, but they are so expensive!!
So the girls are praying that God will give us extra money this month so we can get it.

we´ll see, we may move to an apartment so.... it may not work anyway

The Clanton Family said...

awww he is just to cute Mrs. Ingram,Zeke was looking at it with me and said mommy I want one of those baby doggie.LOL.