Monday, December 1, 2008

Missions Conference

We had Missions Conference here from Wednesday to Sunday. Tim preached every night except Friday. Weber preached Friday night. It was exciting to see the people faithfully attend each service. On Sunday night, they took up and counted the Faith Promise. It was slightly higher than last year's. Praise the Lord!!! We also had some visitors on Sunday night. One of them indicated that they knew that they were lost. She did not get saved last night. Hopefully, she will be saved soon. On Saturday night we had an International Banquet. I somehow ended up in charge of the planning and cooking for this event. Thankfully, a few of the ladies came to help me cook. Our menu consisted of: pasta, cabbage rolls, swedish meatballs, kugilis, potato salad, carrots, salad, banana bread, pao de queijo, chocolate pudding, chocolate cake, white cake, and chocolate chip cookies. Everything turned out well. The people seemed to enjoy it too! (always a good thing!) It was a lot of fun!

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