Monday, December 22, 2008

Trip to Araras

Last week we had the opportunity to travel to Araras. We visited Leandro, Bruna, and their new baby, Kevin. Leandro is currently taking care of a work for an American missionary that is on furlough. Tim was able to preach and Charlie translated. The services went well. It was a blessing to see the work there and to see how well Leandro was doing with it.

Please pray for Leandro and his family. Their son, Kevin has had a rough time of it. When Bruna had her first ultrasound, the doctor noticed an abnormality. It was discovered that he had an opening in his stomach and some intestines were outside of the body. They monitered the pregnancy and scheduled a C-section. When Kevin was born on Nov. 6th, it was determined that he would not need surgery. The opening was small and the doctor was able to put the intestines back in and stitch up the opening. Because his iron was low, they gave him a blood transfusion. This resulted in Kevin getting a staff infection. The staff infection caused him to go into cardiac arrest. The medical staff worked for 40 minutes to resuscitate him. As a result there appears to be some brain damage and he has started having seizures. Only time will tell how extensive the brain damage is. He is on medication for the seizures. God is the Great Physician and can take care of all of these problems or choose to use them for good. Please pray that God would heal Kevin and give wisdom to the doctors and parents.

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