Monday, March 30, 2009

Seven Blessings

1. An awesome home church and incredible pastor - being away from Madison Baptist Church and Pastor Allison's preaching makes me even more thankful for it! Thankfully, I can get the CD's.

2. A Godly husband - Tim has a lot of insight and wisdom. I love his preaching. He's doing such a great job preaching in Portuguese!

3. Mrs. Allison - the best pastor's wife and friend a person could ever want! I miss her so much! Thankfully, I can (and do) talk to her on a regular basis!

4. Charlie and Isabel Nichols - they help us out with a lot of stuff here.

5. Joao Paulo - he got saved in February. I've never seen someone so excited about being saved! He is an absolute joy to have around!

6. Support - despite the troubles in the US economy, our suppport has stayed stable. God continues to provide all that we need.

7. Church services, especially when I can understand them! I generally catch the topic or theme of the message. It's difficult to keep up throughout the entire message, though.


Ashley said...

I know...I miss MBC too!!! Thanks for sharing it is encouraging to see how God works in the lives of His children all across the globe, good to be reminded that there is nowhere Gods love and care can not reach! How is your portuguese going?

Ingi said...

My Portuguese is coming along ok. I need to expand my vocabulary and get the use of verb tenses nailed down. I'm sure that will come with time, though!