Friday, June 19, 2009

My Visit to Boticao

On Tuesday, June 9th, I went to Boticao with Dona Vera to visit her son, Anderson, and his family. We had such a good time! Anderson is the pastor of the church in Boticao. He currently has about 30 people that come to the services. You may think this is just a few, but there are less than 100 people that live in the town of Boticao! They are currently building a building to hold services in. Praise the Lord, they have plenty of space to grow. Anderson and Marianne had their first baby in April. Little Alexandre is such a cutie! He smiles easily and often. He is the only grandchild on both sides! He would definitely be spoiled if he lived near either set of grandparents!

While we were there, we went to the nearby town of Aguanil to visit Lucimar. Her husband was killed in a car accident in December. At the time, they had six children and Lucimar was eight months pregnant! The husband left behind a lot of debt. Needless to say, these last six months have been a time of trial, but also of blessing. God has provided marvelously for Lucimar and her children (ages 5 months to 12 years)! The mayor of Aguanil gave Lucimar a house to live in. Churches in the area have sent money, clothes, furniture, and food. It truly has been amazing to see God provide for this family!

Dona Vera with Alexandre


The church in Boticao

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Pilar said...

What a blessing! Thanks for the update.We get your prayer letter but us ladies always have a way to tell things in a lot more detail.

It sounds like you guys are part of an exciting ministry there in Brazil